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Resin flooring can be one of the most versatile, attractive and reliable options for giving your home or office a new floor. With so many different variants that all have their own benefits and quirks, there is guaranteed to be a type of floor that will suit your needs almost perfectly.

However, this also means that there are a lot of resin flooring options to choose from, some of which are more obvious or widely available than others. Knowing where to turn and what to look for can make a big difference in the quality of flooring that you get.

We at Prime Resin Flooring aim to give our clients and customers the best possible resin flooring options every time, as well as the installation and maintenance solutions that they might be looking for. Through our work, any client can get the exact kind of flooring that their latest project needs.

Our large team of specialists has built up a wide range of knowledge and experience, giving us the right tools and experts to act as professional resin flooring contractors. We offer our clients the best possible resin floor systems, along with high safety standards and a heavy level of customisation.

Who are We?

Prime Resin Flooring has worked with countless clients in the past, always aiming to give them something far better than the most basis suitable flooring option. Each flooring project is created bespoke, aimed at giving our customers the exact flooring systems they need.

We aim to take care of our customers and meet every need possible, no matter what kind of resin flooring they require. Our resin flooring specialists have gathered a vast range of experience across many different flooring projects, all of which helps us refine our work even further.

All of our resin flooring options are made to the highest quality standards we can achieve, with health and safety standards to match. With over thirty years of total experience across all of our professional resin flooring contractors, we can provide any kind of resin floors for any sort of project.

Why Choose Us?

The experts at Prime Resin Flooring have been working towards improving our overall resin flooring quality, as well as the skill and experience of our resin flooring specialists. All of our commercial and industrial floorings are made with over thirty years of hard work and real-world experience.

Resin Flooring Specialists

We always aim to install the perfect flooring for each client, choosing from a wide range of options to create something that matches their needs. Beyond the flooring itself, we also try to achieve the best customer service we can, handling each flooring project in an appropriate and professional manner.

Our quality assurance helps us ensure that each resin floor is up to proper health and safety standards, as well as physical standards for factors such as chemical resistance. We want our industrial flooring to look good, feel good, and provide all of the right benefits to each client.

Resin Flooring Contractors

All of our work is meant to be high-quality, versatile, and tailored specifically to each client. Great quality assurance, a wide range of different tools and a large pool of resin flooring specialists allows us to produce resin floor systems that are perfect for your needs.

Accredited Resin Flooring Installers in the UK

As professional resin flooring installers, we have received a lot of praise from both clients and other companies for our work. From our professional manner to our excellent resistance options for each industrial flooring project, we always try to create something suitable for each of our latest projects.


Regardless of the industry sectors and industrial settings that we work with, our industrial resin flooring is meant to suit the needs of each industrial client. This means that we always use the best possible chemical resistance, slip resistance, and durability-focused materials when possible.

For smaller, scale work, we can rely on the experience our resin flooring contractors have developed over thirty years of combined hard work. This has given us the expertise needed to install all kinds of flooring systems, no matter how complex they might be.

What is Resin Flooring?

Resin flooring is exactly what the name suggests: a resin floor surface create from hard-wearing and heavy-duty plastic. This resin flooring can be perfect for any industrial environment, providing better safety standards and protective features than other surfaces.
Each resin flooring project we take on is slightly different, but most of our industrial resin flooring is applied in a liquid form and then hardened. This makes it simple for us to install a perfect flooring coating and keeps the installation extremely easy compared to other floor options.

The exact results you will see from our resin flooring installation depends on the kind of resin floor you want us to install. We can accommodate a range of industrial and commercial projects, all of which may demand different kinds of resin floors.

Types of Resin Flooring Project

There are three core niches of resin flooring, as well as multiple different material options for resin flooring systems. All of these influence the kind of resin floor that you will end up with, so clients need to think about their flooring carefully.

Industrial Resin Flooring

Our industrial resin flooring work is heavily focused on providing excellent resistance to different kinds of damage. This could be simple wear and tear or major chemical resistance elements, depending on the kind of industrial work it needs to support.

Bespoke Work

This means that every industrial flooring project we take on is carefully designed to match the client’s business. If a client requires slip-resistance and chemical resistance, then we can provide something slip-resistant that stays hard-wearing against chemicals.


Industrial resin floor also suffers more wear and tear on average, so we aim to create stronger flooring systems that can withstand more frequent use. Using the leading resin flooring contractors, we can ensure that we give clients the kind of surface that they need most.


Most of our industrial flooring systems have to endure vehicle traffic, whether that vehicle traffic consists of simple forklifts or large, heavy trucks. We can install the right heavy-duty materials to provide you with flooring that can handle vehicles correctly, regardless of size.

Commercial Resin Flooring

Our commercial resin flooring focuses on a lot of other hard-wearing resin systems beyond industrial settings. This could include locations like commercial kitchens, offices, car dealerships and a range of other commercial locations or niches.


Whenever a commercial resin floor is one of our latest projects, we aim to provide something suitable for a commercial business without making the resin floor too expensive or complex to use properly. As always, we install something that suits the client’s needs perfectly.

Chemical Protection

Spaces like commercial kitchens often require specific kinds of chemical resistance features, as well a slip-resistant design and easy-to-clean surfaces. They may not need to be as heavy-duty as industrial spaces but should still be hard-wearing to withstand constant use in a commercial business.


This all depends on the kind of commercial industry that the flooring is for. Some commercial businesses require heavy-duty flooring that can handle heavy impacts, while other commercial resin floor options are supposed to look nice first and foremost. Either way, we aim to install the best flooring for your business needs.

Residential Resin Flooring

As professional resin flooring installers, we often have to tackle residential resin floor systems alongside our larger-scale projects. Each of our resin systems can be used in residential situations, and our resin flooring contractors are excellent flooring installers regardless of the project they are handling.


Our resin flooring can be suitable for home use, offering all of the same hard-wearing flooring benefits that a client may want. If you want a slip-resistant resin floor in your kitchen or resin floor with high chemical resistance for your garage, then we can install something that fits those requirements.

Visual Appeal

Residential flooring also needs to be attractive and stylish, fitting in with the rest of your home. This means that we can focus on details such as self-smoothing systems or attractive epoxy resin designs, things that have a major impact on how the flooring looks when installation is complete.

Types of Resin Flooring Materials

Understanding the different material options used in resin flooring can help you get the right materials for each job, resulting in better overall flooring systems.


Polymethyl methacrylate, or PMMA, is one of the main resin flooring options we can offer. This is best for customisation flooring systems that can support industrial conditions well, withstanding heavy loads and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as direct exposure to chemicals.

We can make sure to install PMMA flooring in situations where it is most useful and to give you heavy-duty, hard-wearing flooring that matches your installation needs. Thanks to our wide range of different customisation options, we can give you a resin floor you can rely on.


A polyurethane floor is hard-wearing and can withstand high temperatures, making it hugely valuable in commercial businesses that deal with heating, cooking, or other temperature-relevant industries. It also allows for very quick installation compared to other resin flooring.

We can create a PU resin floor that matches your needs almost perfectly, combining multiple protective systems to ensure that your floor coating will withstand high heat and frequent use. We can also offer quick repairs, thanks to the versatile nature of a PU resin floor.

Epoxy Resin

Our epoxy resin flooring is some of the most versatile that our resin flooring contractors can offer. The highly durable epoxy resin works well in any property, and most epoxy resin flooring can offer more strength than concrete, allowing it to handle frequent use extremely well.

The epoxy resin flooring we can offer is able to resist cracking and most chemicals, but we also have a wide range of epoxy resin flooring customisation options to tailor them to each client. For example, we can provide epoxy resin flooring that resists water damage and moisture.

We can make sure that we create an appropriate epoxy resin flooring type for your needs, no matter how specific they might be. Our dedicated epoxy resin flooring installers can easily install the new floor whenever you need it, giving you great results almost instantly.

Resin Flooring Cost

The cost of your resin floor heavily depends on the size, scale, complexity and kind of resin involved. You can always get in touch to have our expert resin flooring contractors break down the expected cost of our flooring systems, giving you a quote for your own resin floor preferences.
This resin floor quote makes it easier to identify where the costs lie and how you could make your resin floor more efficient cost-wise. We make sure that our resin flooring contractors always focus on sticking within a client’s budget, even if it involves adjusting how the resin floor is created.

Cost Calculations

Most resin floor options, including epoxy resin flooring, are measured on a square-foot basis. As a leading resin flooring systems company, we have a wide range of ways to alter your resin floor before installation, meaning that we can help you reduce the cost of your epoxy resin flooring to get it within your budget.

Where Can Resin Flooring Be Installed?

Resin flooring can be used almost anywhere, with epoxy resin flooring specifically being the most useful and flexible. Not all resin systems work best for each resin flooring project, but we aim to keep our epoxy resin flooring systems as varied as possible to suit individual situations.

If one of our resin floor options does not fit your needs, then another will. We have such a wide variety of resin floor choices and resin systems that we can provide good flooring for any location, as well as floor coatings to boost existing resin systems.

Commercial Locations

An epoxy resin flooring can be a common sight in commercial kitchens, offices, shops, car dealerships, storage rooms, and even in select outdoor areas. These epoxy resin floors are often designed to be appealing and protective, making them one of the leading resin options on the market.

Self-smoothing systems are also common in this kind of epoxy resin flooring, which can help improve the aesthetics and overall health of the floor in the long term. This can be important in commercial spaces that receive a lot of foot traffic throughout each day.

Residential Locations

Residential locations are all incredibly different from one another, so each resin flooring project is unique and bespoke. Whether you want epoxy resin flooring or some other variety of resin floor, though, we can produce flooring that you are totally satisfied with.

Non-Slip Resin Flooring

Non-slip resin flooring is a valuable part of any industrial or commercial space, and we have multiple kinds of resin floors that can prevent slips and falls with ease. Our epoxy resin flooring often includes this by default, just as an added safety measure.
These will often be used in areas where falls can be a severe health hazard, but they are also useful in general. You never know when a non-slip floor will save somebody from harm.

Epoxy vs Polyurethane Flooring

Epoxy resin flooring and polyurethane flooring are commonly compared since they are both popular floor systems with their own benefits and drawbacks. Choosing between the epoxy resin and polyurethane screeds is not always easy when it comes to flooring.


Polyurethane screeds are easy to clean and can handle damage well. However, most polyurethane screens also cost more than epoxy systems, even if they can be more cost-efficient than epoxy resin in the long run.


Epoxy resin is fairly resistant to most forms of damage, but polyurethane is more durable than epoxy systems when dealing with corrosion and chemical damage. Both are still great flooring options if you want something tough and hard-wearing, but PU and epoxy systems are good for different purposes.


Both PU and epoxy resin are good at handling the heat. Epoxy resin can also be applied to a floor in coatings easily, making epoxy resin a better choice as coatings if you already have floor systems in place. PU might be stronger but is sometimes harder to apply in quick coatings.

Resin Floor Repairs

Resin floor repairs differ depending on the circumstances of the damage and the type of resin involved. Epoxy resin can sometimes be used for self-smoothing floors, which can help mask smaller signs of damage, but every kind of repair work is different.
Most of our resin options, including epoxy resin, can be applied as repair coatings to keep the floor systems safe and smooth. These coatings also differ depending on the kind of resin they are made from, so you should talk to our experts for a more in-depth look at each of the coatings we can provide.

What are the Pros and Cons of Resin Flooring?

Resin flooring is cheap, durable, and has a long lifespan compared to other floors. This is most prevalent with epoxy resin systems since epoxy resin is often the ‘gold standard’ compare to most other floor-related material systems.

However, epoxy resin can get slippery if it becomes wet, can sometimes crack if installed in uneven coatings, and might take damage from the sun’s UV light. These do not always apply to all coatings, depending on the kind of epoxy resin used and the other material systems involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resin flooring colours are available?

Resin flooring can be coloured to match whatever colours the client wants or even installed in patterns and specific shapes. Materials like epoxy resin are best for this since the floor will not be weak between colours.

Does resin flooring have any bad smells?

The right kind of resin epoxy can eliminate all bad smells, keeping the epoxy resin floor odour-free and making it easier to enjoy as soon as it is installed.

Does a resin floor contain bad chemicals?

When applied correctly, an epoxy floor is one of the safest floor options you can get. Poorly-installed epoxy systems create a floor that can be slightly dangerous, but even then, the epoxy floor is only harmful through prolonged exposure.

At most, badly installed epoxy systems will be non-toxic as long as you do not ingest the epoxy itself. Only badly-created epoxy can be directly harmful, and we make sure to quality-check every epoxy floor we make, including all coating systems.

Is resin flooring durable?

Epoxy resin flooring can be more durable than a concrete floor, with epoxy also having its own benefits alongside that. Of course, this relies on it being installed correctly since a poor resin floor can still chip and crack.

How long does a resin floor last?

Resin flooring has a long lifespan, often reaching over 20 years if installed and maintained correctly. This makes it an excellent long-term floor option for any business that wants a consistent style or just does not want to uproot a room to keep replacing the flooring.

Will the floor get damaged if lorries and forklifts are used on it?

Depending on the type of resin used, a resin floor can often accommodate vehicles very well. Some types are even designed specifically to hold and support vehicles, which can be ideal for garages, car dealerships or warehouses.

What type of resin flooring is best for chemical spills?

PU and epoxy resin are both equally good for chemical issues, with PU flooring often becoming the more effective for larger-scale chemical spills. However, both are excellent at dealing with all day-to-day chemicals.

What are the qualities of resin flooring?

Resin flooring can be designed to do a lot of distinct things, either individually or as a combination of factors. This includes:

  • Slip resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Dirt resistance
  • High durability
  • High hygiene
  • Easy cleaning
  • Anti-static

How long does resin flooring take to install?

Resin flooring can take a varying amount of time to add to a property. However, in most cases, expect it to take around five or six days at most. Delays can obviously interfere with this, so always plan out some extra time just in case.

Would we need to empty our factory or warehouse to have resin flooring installed?

In most instances, we can work around the current design of your property to install the floor where it needs to go. However, this all depends on how the space is laid out and how many obstacles might be in the way, so talk to our experts first.

What is FeRFA?

We are currently members of multiple major groups related to resin flooring, including the Resin Flooring Association – also known as FeRFA.

Contact Our Experts

If you want to know more about what we offer, contact us directly to hear more about the different resin floor options we have available. We can tailor the end result to your specific needs.

What Our Customers Say

Prime Resin Flooring have been amazing. The surface they installed is amazing and I can't fault them as a company.
Riley Wilson
West Midlands
The surfacing we had installed in our factory has been amazing. It has been completed for a couple of months and no problems at all.
Ben Hodgkins
Greater Manchester
I needed a large scale installation of resin flooring and the finished product is amazing. You can tell it's really high quality and durable.
Sadie Simons


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